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  • Worker in referring agency completes record screen and submits to MYHF.

  • Program Director scores screen to determine if it is positive or negative.

  • MYHF Family Assessment Worker (FAW) or Program Director contacts family to schedule an introductory (assessment) visit.

  • FAW visits family to introduce program and conduct parent interview using Parent Survey Tool. Upon the family’s consent, the worker sends positive screen and copy of consent form to MYHF for referral.

  • FAW makes referrals, shares relevant information, and discusses potential follow-up contact.

  • FAW determines family’s eligibility for home-visiting enrollment services.
  • If family does not qualify for in-home visiting services, FAW will make contact to offer follow-up information on relevant topics and community resources. If family qualifies for in-home visiting services based on assessment, FAW will contact family to offer Family Support Worker (FSW) services and to schedule the initial in-home visit. At this point, on-going services begin.

  • MYHF FAW or Program Director will complete screen for filing.
  • MYHF FAW follows up with referring worker/agency regarding family’s status with program (i.e., enrolled in MYHF, did not qualify so was referred to another program, or family refused enrollment).